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In-House League


The in-house program at Sharks Ice at Fremont is a great place for players to work on their individual development as a hockey player, but also learn about the rules of the game, teamwork, maintaining a positive attitude, and working towards future goals.  

Players are grouped together by age, with one practice and one game per week.

Practices are organized around small-area drills, where players spend more time practicing, get more touches on the puck, and learn how to make decisions more quickly.  All practice drills are designed to teach proper technique and improve a player’s skating, puck-handling, passing and shooting. Games are a mix of cross-ice, half-ice, and full-ice.

Ideally In-House level players have competed the Hockey 1, 2 and 3 classes (or a comparable progression program at another rink) prior to the start of the season.  In-House players should have basic skating skills, feel comfortable on their skates, have a love for the game of hockey, be committed to attending all ice sessions when possible and have a willingness to learn and improve.

Blackhawks Credit

As of September, 2017, SCVHA will credit any eligible rostered Blackhawks player who also participates in the Fremont in-house program.  A credit of 30% of the in-house dues will be applied to the player's account, which can help offset their costs with the Blackhawk's team.

Complete the registration process below, and confirm the credit with our Treasurer.


The Winter season starts Friday, January 11th and runs through Saturday, April 6th.   Register today by following this link!

Equipment Needed

Equipment needed to play in our In-House League:

  • Helmet (with metal facemask, chin strap and face mask straps)
  • Skates
  • Hockey gloves
  • Youth hockey stick
  • Shin pads
  • Hockey pants
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Athletic supporter (boys and girls)
  • Mouthpiece (Recommended for all – required for 12u and above)
  • Neck protector (Recommended for all – required for goalies)
  • Blocker – Goalies only
  • Water bottle
  • Equipment bag
  • Hockey jersey(s) and Socks – will be given out at practice

All of this equipment is available in the Pro Shop at the Fremont rink.